Virtual Patient Cases

Now that you have read through the modules, it is time to put your new knowledge to the test. Work through the following virtual patient modules. There will be no indication of what disease the patient has prior to starting the case – it is up to you to diagnose and treat the patient!

If you would like to complete a specific virtual patient, please refer to the “Virtual Patient Case” section of the relevant oncology module.

Note: Cases 1-4, and 6-8 (inclusive) can be completed on an Ipad. To do this: download the (free) Articulate Mobile Player for the Ipad.

1 its all in the family
2 retirement in the sun
3 a persistent cough
4 mrs smith
5 tommy payne
6 a post menopausal bleed
7 a new headache
8 roses pain
9 a pain in the back
10 a little short of breath
11 a spot behind the ear